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About the Founder

John Walsh, a recognized leader with an impressive 30-year career in global operations, is widely recognized as an authority in designing, implementing, and overseeing systems and processes. With extensive managerial experience spanning over 22 years across the United States, Europe and Asia, he brings a wealth of expertise across all critical operational tiers. John has distinguished himself through his foremost capabilities in project management and change management. During his tenure as Managing Director at AQR Capital Management and Vice President at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, his technical acumen played a pivotal role in creating, deploying, and managing multiple technology platforms. His expertise in a multitude of workflow management systems, combined with his holistic approach to auditing both internal and external processes, has not only consistently delivered enhanced operational efficiency and substantial cost reductions, but also mitigated operational risk across a variety of organizations.

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 John has achieved remarkable success over the last 30 years, leveraging his collaborative, problem-solving approach to spearhead exceptional and game-changing endeavors. With a sharp eye for recognizing innovative opportunities and the skill of bringing people together in mutually beneficial ways, John has a proven track record of forming secure and strategic partnerships. His determined nature ensures that even the most ambitious goals are achievable.

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